WELCOME TO THE CONTROVERSY! "This nation cannot be overthrown by battle. It would never allow itself to be. America can only be overthrown by removing its reason for greatness, its exceptionalism and existence as a force for world influence for good and freedom. The driving purpose that led our brothers and sisters to shed their blood for a new country and which drove a people and a President to hold fast to the premise that the nation could not be divided into two in the bloody civil war. Our vision of defeating evil, which gives our men and women in the military valor and a willingness to sacrifice in each of our American centuries, has been freedom. The greatest force for freedom has always been the Constitution of the United States. Now, this government, of the people disregards the people. Now these rights, for the people, seem to have been invalidated by a force that has no constitutional right to do so." - Author Steven Clark Bradley

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The Story of The Storyteller - Author Steven Clark Bradley

Author Steven Clark Bradley

I am so excited about having been given the opportunity of authoring my Memoirs, “The Most Intelligent of Idiots.” It is appropriately titled. I thank God for giving me the skill and the passion to author the five dramatic thriller novels titled “The Second Republic” “Patriot Acts” "Nimrod Rising!" "Probable Cause" and "StillBorn."

My life has seen the opened doors God given me. I was able to learn both French and Turkish. In my past, I was an assistant to a prosecutor, a university instructor and a freelance journalist.

I grew up in Knox, Indiana and attended and graduated from Knox High School there in 1977. In that same year, I began college studies in Theology at Emmaus Bible College, which is now located in Dubuque, Iowa. I completed my degree at Bethel College, and earned my B.A. in Organizational Management of Human Resources. In 1985, while in France, I was able to earn a Certificate of Fluency in the French Language at Cavilam Institute of the French Language in Vichy, France. I was also able to obtained a Master’s Degree in Liberal Studies at Indiana University in 2001.

I worked a number of years in various countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa and God granted me the privilege of visiting or living in 34 countries where I worked extensively with Kurdish refugees from Turkey, Iraq, and Syria. I established a school by correspondence for African students in the African countries of The Gambia and Senegal West Africa and founded a Cultural Center for refugees in France, where I lived in and left and returned to live again for several years. Because of my experience, today I can speak French and Turkish, and am rusty as hell, actually. But, my French remains firm in my mind, but my Turkish needs improving.
Before returning to the United States in 1995, I worked as an instructor of English and Business skills for four years at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey. I was responsible for the supervision of ten tourism instructors, and supervised the development of syllabi, course outlines, and the development of pertinent materials for Tourism and Business courses. I was given the opportunity of assisting in the development of a Masters of Business Administration and Public Presentation skills courses. Developing a specialized course in Business translation, I helped students seek a diploma in Translation and Linguistics. I also developed materials and taught a Specialized Writing course to deepen students’ abilities in communication for business and writing purposes. I was involved in several World Bank courses, which were offered at the University as well.

In 1999, I took up the challenge of becoming the Republican Party’s nominee for Mayor of South Bend, Indiana in which I presented the strongest Republican Candidacy in the democratically controlled city in decades. Today I resides in the Los Angeles area where I am a full-time novelist and language instructor.

I am persuaded that there is nothing, which we possess that was not given to us from God. The ability to pen a tale in such a realistic manner is a gift from God, and I am determined to use it for HIM.

There is nothing greater than writing & creating something from nothing. It's the closest thing to the divine! I have lived in many cultures and it has given me a love for the differences amongst us. I am a student of American culture and write about the changes in our society. Take a look at my Novels and find some stories that might just read YOU!

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