WELCOME TO THE CONTROVERSY! "This nation cannot be overthrown by battle. It would never allow itself to be. America can only be overthrown by removing its reason for greatness, its exceptionalism and existence as a force for world influence for good and freedom. The driving purpose that led our brothers and sisters to shed their blood for a new country and which drove a people and a President to hold fast to the premise that the nation could not be divided into two in the bloody civil war. Our vision of defeating evil, which gives our men and women in the military valor and a willingness to sacrifice in each of our American centuries, has been freedom. The greatest force for freedom has always been the Constitution of the United States. Now, this government, of the people disregards the people. Now these rights, for the people, seem to have been invalidated by a force that has no constitutional right to do so." - Author Steven Clark Bradley

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Have You Ever Felt…?

Have you ever felt, when all around you seemed like only hurt, that there's just one thin strand to cling to, when all your friends just desert? Just like that old woman, left crying out in the dirt. She knew she only need reach out to find mercy by simply touching his skirt, She had tried all the doctors so what would touching him hurt?

She was weary and burdened and was drained and so thin But, she pushed and she cried as she reached out further to Him. The crowd was too big; she believed His power from within. If she failed on this day, only a grave she would win.

She cried,

I believe!

The throng had no mercy! They all had lives in need of healing in the land. She would not be denied, for there she would take her stand! Only this man could save her, right there in the sand. She knew he was the Savior, so she stretched forth her hand!

Though the masses were pressing, she would never give way. For the moment was fleeting like on no other day! So, she cried out, "Messiah, will you please look my way? For, I believe," and, she cried!

"Jesus, Oh Jesus, do you hear my strong plea? Jesus, Oh Jesus, will you too have no mercy on me? I come here now seeking; now, I know I believe Only you ever will be who you claim to be!"

I believe!

The power, and the light, the lowly healer turned toward her worry-strained face. "Tell me who touched me," He cried "for I have never seen greater faith! It was not that you touched me that made your pain now erase It was because that you sought me. It was because of your faith!"

"Jesus, Oh Jesus, do you hear my strong plea? Jesus, Oh Jesus, will you too have no mercy on me? I come here now seeking; now I know I believe Only you ever could be who you claim to be!"

"I believe!"

"Now, as I crawl here in the sand, I beheld the form of this man It was just to touch His tattered garment that sent power through my hand. My body defied death and now here I will stand! I am redeemed!"

"Jesus, Oh Jesus, you heard my strong plea? Jesus, Oh Jesus, you had mercy on me?

I came here not knowing, but now, I know in whom I believe. Only you ever will be who you claim to be!"

"I am set Free!"

Steven C. Bradley

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