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Take a look at the Conor & The Cross Worlds Series by Kevin Gerard

Review by Author Steven Clark Bradley

The "Conor and the Crossworlds" series by Kevin Gerard are tales about Conor, a ten-year-old boy who goes on an adventures with Puragama, a powerful winged cougar and experiences the various directions his future could take. Kevin Gerard’s very developed and excellent metaphors in this excellent series painted pictures of Conor’s amazing journeys, creating an interesting concept in fantasy that captured my imagination and attention. The adventure and the action along with finely developed and well used characters gave the book a gripping affect on the reader.

I found myself taking great interest in following the book from the beginning to the end. Because the author started the book amidst the final battle and then flashed back to explain how Conor got there, Gerard gave these books a real mystique and aura that made my inquisitive mind all the fuel it needed to see Conor’s world and felt I was there living his exciting ride with him. These stories are full of interesting ideas, and Kevin Gerard’s labor in seeing these stories to their ends is evident in the narrative and the realistic dialog.

Conor started out his adventure quite like your everyday ten-year-old boy, except for the pain of the loss of his uncle, whom he loved. It is obvious that the Kevin Gerard created a main character who is both particularly young and courageous. Conor seemed to grow during his adventure and in the end, Conor seemed to have gained wisdom from his mentor, Puragama, the great flying cougar. I found the character of Puragama to be especially significant and central to the main theme of the stories. These adventures with Puragama helped Conor find out how and why his uncle had died. I was motivated to keep reading because each adventure was a stepping stone to the next.

I would suggest any reader, young or old to invest their time in any of the series of books by Kevin Gerard titled "Conor and the Crossworlds.” I never have a lot of time to do as much reading as I‘d like, but I actually set aside time to read these stories because of the fantastic nature of Kevin Gerard’s books. I plan to read the next installment of Kevin Gerard's series, "Conor and the Crossworlds."

Author Steven Clark Bradley

(Author of Nimrod Rising, Patriot Acts, Stillborn and Probable Cause)


From the Author

"Completing this story gave me tremendous personal satisfaction, and it showed me an avenue for expression I will always treasure."

"Conor Jameson is an amalgamation of a host of different characters I've encountered over the years. During the time I've written his story, he has become like a son to me. I've seen him grow from a ten year-old, wide-eyed boy into a strong man filled with integrity and character. The most amazing sensations emerged when I would finish a book and go back to edit one of the earlier stories. Suddenly he'd be quite young again, chronologically and emotionally. Just noticing the difference fortified my belief that I could write and write well."

"As much as I love Conor, Purugama the winged cougar caused me to write Breaking the Barrier. He really is the reason this entire story came into being. I can remember when I was a boy, maybe seven or eight years old, how I used to huddle under my covers and imagine a gigantic, powerful flying cougar arriving at my window to take me away on amazing adventures. That was roughly forty years ago, and now, at least through Conor's eyes, I get to see the fantasy come to life."

A truly unique tale about a reluctant hero, repeatedly called into service by the creators of a different dimension. Young Conor Jameson, a boy content to hang out with friends, play sports and video games, and attend school sees his life change time and again with every visit to the Crossworlds. With a two year interval in between each book, Conor, a little older and wiser, encounters a new mission. First as a companion to a fantasy creature, then as attendant to Lord of the champions, Conor's involvement threatens his existence more deeply with every book. At the end of the third tale, he and his girlfriend, Janine, find themselves trapped by Conor's nemesis, the shape-shifter, Seefra. The fourth book highlights Conor's journey to reassemble the champions, rescue his girlfriend and reclaim the five keys of the creators. In the fifth book, the Circle of Evil releases two doomsday weapons against Conor and the champions. The hero's journey begins anew as Conor once again puts his life at risk for the Crossworlds. The fantasy epic begins with the first release, Conor and the Crossworlds: Breaking the Barrier.

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Barbara W. said...

Hi Kevin,

I find it interesting that Conor introduced you to Purugama. The magic of childhood seems to have followed you into adulthood. I'll have to check out your books.