WELCOME TO THE CONTROVERSY! "This nation cannot be overthrown by battle. It would never allow itself to be. America can only be overthrown by removing its reason for greatness, its exceptionalism and existence as a force for world influence for good and freedom. The driving purpose that led our brothers and sisters to shed their blood for a new country and which drove a people and a President to hold fast to the premise that the nation could not be divided into two in the bloody civil war. Our vision of defeating evil, which gives our men and women in the military valor and a willingness to sacrifice in each of our American centuries, has been freedom. The greatest force for freedom has always been the Constitution of the United States. Now, this government, of the people disregards the people. Now these rights, for the people, seem to have been invalidated by a force that has no constitutional right to do so." - Author Steven Clark Bradley

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In A World Gone Mad!

Your alarm goes off and you awaken to the voice on your radio that fills you with immense foreboding. Terrorist strikes have hit American with out the slightest hint of any retaliation. Russia has invaded Eastern Europe and is now assisting the Islamic government of Iran. Through false panic and utter fear from a President who does not have the slightest interest in punishing those who hit the United States, with President Barack Hussein Obama at the helm, who only wants to negotiate.

Iran was ignored and believed, by this new president, giving them all the time they needed to finally build the deadly thing and to also use it. After talking it up and with Israel following Obama's appeals and threats not to take up arms against Iran, Israel waited and trusted its friend only to be ultimately betrayed, as Iran armed, targeted and annihilated one third of the State Israel's population, making Rachel weep once more. Israel, was now the victim of a nuclear blast. The Jewish nation knew she stood alone now and took measures to gather her children and prepared to send them out to die. Belligerently, Russia shielded the fascist nation of Iran, whose actions were meant to carry out a new final solution, in the name of Allah. Once more, it was recording in the annals of humankind, the horrors of another Holocaust.

The new President Barack Hussein Obama refused to go to the defense of his Jewish friend. Unbelievably, President Barack Hussein Obama sought to give a rational to Iran’s crime against humanity. When President Obama was confronted with such argumentative questions, he retorted with what he called 'the fact' that America herself had also obliterated two cities in Japan, in much the same way, without remorse. His words during his first State of the Union address illicited praise and applause from a Congress in love with their new messiah. The whole Middle East had become an Islamic powder keg, as America waited for this new, ill-prepared President to do something more substantial than simply unconditional talks.

America almost felt the danger she was in, but a few words from the One and all their fears were assuaged. There was no need to worry about the economy. President Obama had all the solutions and recipes for disaster that hey needed. This new President quickly realized that these typical white people, these naïve chumps from every walk of life still sometimes rebelled. So, he resolved to himself, right then and there, to never talk to his simple-minded people about another tax increase. Instead, he would just play the divide and conquer tactic as needed,
which had served him so well, during the campaign. From here on out, he’d just act, do as he pleased, while those who elected him went about their business, stoking the fires of oppression, greed, lust, lethargy and ignorance as they waddled their way, like lemmings, over the precipice of destruction.

With a liberal 6 to 3 majority in the Supreme Court, the final ruling that legalized gay marriage throughout the whole nation was not a great surprise until the nation as a whole sat down and contemplated this new law of the land, as the Obama administration declared its intention to enforce the law, making it illegal for parents to teach their children otherwise. Parents could not refuse to let their children participate in learning that the boys and girls could marry someone of the same sex, if they felt so motivated. Parents had no right to excuse or remove their children from sexual orientation classes that taught and enforced homosexual doctrine. The ban on oral dissent left thousands of people marching the streets in protest of the increasingly totalitarian nature of a once free nation. The Boy Scouts choose to dissolve their organization rather than hire homosexual scoutmasters to further indoctrinate children by sleeping in tents with young boys and answering all their questions with object lessons that were deemed legal by the government of President Barack Hussein Obama. These issues represent but a short resume of what emerged during Barack Obama’s first 100 days. But you have to give the boy credit. Barack was good to his word. Things sure did change!

The rest of President Obama’s first year was heralded in, by the whole nation, and when he placed the United States under martial law, congress actually applauded. For their idea of bipartisanship was soon understood to mean, one party rule. “So we can work together!” Obama declared at his second State of the Union address. “Let us not consider alternatives, but rather let us give ourselves to the goal of consolidation and integration, for the good of the people, and for our progress!” The Senators and Congressmen and Congress women all rose to their feet happily celebrated America's loss of freedom, holding their hands high into the air and shouted, “Obama's The One, Yes we can! The One! The One!” President Barack Obama looked out out over the crowd and showed his Lilly-white fangs, dropping his arm down to his side. And then, there was silence. “Do it for the nation." He shouted. "Yes we can!" they all retorted. " Do it for me!” he commanded them. "Yes we will!" they shouted back. And, of course they did. For, when hadn’t they?

The battle for the guns in America could no longer hold sway over the ever emerging nature of the living constitution. Times had changed and the One was here and he would protect us. Yet, all of the people did not seek security, but insisted on freedom, and refused to surrender their arms. Was it not just such an act of political aggression as this against the people that had always motivated the average bible clinging rednecks and racists to amass such a lethal arsenal, in the first place? To President Obama, there was no other way to get the guns away from the radicals except to imprison them in their homes. He knew that his syrupy voice and his angelic demeanor were not the blindfolds that would be required for such a massive aggressive force, as this would demand.

Obama made sure that he repealed the Writ of Habeas corpus before sending the bill to the congressional ferries and traitors. President Obama had delivered the bill personally and allowed himself to receive the merited praise he just knew he deserved from those who secretly despised him. He knew they hated them, but it did not matter. “Hatred and loathing would give them focus, make them stronger!” he thought. They all responded in unison, “Yes we can! Yes we can!” They had not forgotten to bring him sweet potato pie, though. Tanks rolled down American streets and jets broke the midnight silence so President Barack Hussein Obama could “Keep the people safe for democracy!” As he strode out of the dilapidated and dispensable Congressional chambers, members of congress and visitors in the mezzanines cried out, “Yes we can!” and Obama smiled brightly and glowed with humility and said to himself, “Yes I did!”

The change that Obama had promised and for which the country had clamored had not been missed by the world. “He was a great leader, refreshing, intelligent and wise, beyond what was ever seen in a mere man!” Many proclaimed, and the world debated whether they would also be better off under Obama’s rule than the old men and women who only held them back from such undivided devotion. They all greeted him with pecan pie. “Man, they get it!” Obama thought. “It’s all about you! It’s always been about you.” He’d get the rest of the world under his control in his second term. “Yes I will...eat this pie!”

The night was just what a President, who was about to conquer the world, needed. Barack Obama sat atop the White House, peering down over an unassuming, frightened people—not his people, simply those he was so adept at ruling over. He knew it had not all gone exactly as it should have, but no one else seemed to see his fallacies, and he preferred it that way. President Barack Hussein Obama was excellent at bending in the wind.

Barack Obama had risen up from obscurity, a man of modest means, whose appreciation for banana cream pie was more enticing than his care for the world. What did he care? He had gone big. Now, Barack Obama had it all in his hands as the one who was germinated for the current generation of sheep fattened up for the slaughter. Obama had used it all, the power, the cunning, and the irresistible desire to wipe out the civilization that still worshiped God. He had used his expertise in the minds of the puny and with the cunning of the beast residing in him pushing him to climb to the top rung of the ladder, at breakneck speed. The last step had taken courage, though. After 9-11 had caused America to take its first steps into the bottomless pit of becoming a police state, the American people had become obsessed with protecting their freedom. The nation had been safe with the Patriot Act, but the laws that had been required to protect the people were completely opposed to the Constitution.

In 2008, when Congress had refused to renew the laws that had protected the nation after Bin Laden’s initial attacks, and after forcing an end to the war in Iraq, the wall of protection was removed and the onslaught began that eventually led to the day in which Obama, perched high above Washington, was now looking down at a hapless public, the people he intended to betray.

Back in 2008, the public sought to preserve the Constitution and never noticed that the laws which required the securing of the nation had already rendered the Constitution dead. Obama took full advantage of this fear, which had taken root. Civil Rights took a backseat and protest was immediately put down, for the good of the people and their safety. In the midst of a nation that had removed all the stops in its effort to fight off Bin Laden, organizations that refused to submit to his rule or anyone who had linked up with militias and malcontents throughout the nation were caught and never heard from again. That suited Obama just fine, because it would be easy to tear it apart at the opportune time. The nation had its eye off the ball, and President Barack Hussein Obama had his eyes on a piece of lemon meringue pie.

President Barack Obama knew that he was the party’s choice. He was smart, young, and handsome and had a look in his eye that said, “We will change the world!” His candidacy told the public that the party could and would bring about change. Moms, Dads, Sisters, brothers, husbands and wives would certainly not be disappointed.

Chicago had always been definitely one of the easiest huge cities to get around in. No one knew the windy city better than President Barack Obama. It was his stomping ground. Chicago had a beauty all its own. The gold coast lived up to its name in value, but not anymore. Lake Shore Drive presented the most amazing view of a perfectly sculptured skyline. This city possessed the tallest building in the world. The Sears Tower was worth as much architecturally as it was as a structure. 9-11 seemed to have had no impact, at all, on the population at large. They seemed to believe that Chicago had been tucked away and allowed to play in a world off in some void.

Next to the Sears Tower was an underground maze of hallways and tracks that made up Union Station. It was a place fit for Al Capon. It is a wonderful example of fine engineering. Judging from the busy traffic and the trains that converge there, one would wonder why the train system was going broke. Today was the tenth anniversary of 9-11, no less. The station was packed. It was amazing how close the Sears Tower is to Union Station.”

The war on terror had taken a toll on the freedoms of all Americans. The Bush Administration had done its best to make it all livable. Nevertheless, freedom rang; with deafening thud. Security had become an ever-increasing obstruction to anarchy. Airline security was as tight as it could be and still make flying even slightly logical. Yet, with all the measures in place and billions of dollars that were poured into the security coffers, Union Station was seemingly void of terrorist fear or security. The masses simply journeyed in and out of the subterranean maze of trains headed in and out of a myriad of different directions. There was no baggage check and an archaic system of boarding passes that reminded one of airports back in the ‘safe’ 80s. There was a total lapse of security in one of the nation’s largest train stations. Rail had simply been designated as low risk and probably not on the terrorists’ target lists even in spite of Madrid and London attacks. It had never happened here, until today!” “We will be arriving at Union Station in 15 minutes. Thank you for taking AMTRAK.” The conductor on the Jane Rutledge sounded.

The Jane Rutledge Express was approaching its final destination. A young man in a leather jacket stood up. He had a briefcase in his hand. He headed to the bathroom and told himself, "Yes I can!"
The Milwaukee Road train was due to be in about three minutes after the Jane Rutledge. A man aboard the Milwaukee Road dressed in a Porter’s uniform went to his quarters and opened up his bag.
The Great Lakes was about eight minutes out from the Great Hall of rail. Originating in Philadelphia and headed due west, in from Cleveland. A very American looking man sat in his seat reaching and eating one grape after another out of his bag. He reached in the bag and flipped a switch on a flat disk shaped object that was labeled, “Arming mechanism” and a counter began to count down from three minutes on the flat, disk-shaped metal cylinder.

None of these men were Arabs. They were black and white and not the least bit foreign. Their tattoos did give them away, though. One had the tattoo of a three-leaf clover with the words “Sinn Fein” written under it, which was the sign of the Aryan Brotherhood. The Black disciple on the Great Lakes train had a tattoo of a pentagram with a capital “G” in the middle and two pitch forks sticking out of the top of the satanic star. To the left of the star was a capital “B.” To the right of the star was a capital “W.” He was a member of the Black Gangster Disciples. The third silent warrior on the Milwaukee Road had a tattoo of the State of Texas with the Alamo embedded into the shape. The Dirty White Boys were playing ball with those who ideologically disagreed with each other, but who had the same goal of installing terror and anarchy. President Barack Obama did not miss a beat in his use of his position and power to attract and develop his army of terror.
Seattle prides itself for being the overcast capitol of the world and absolutely the place to be. This city had matured a long time ago, but it was still finding its soul. The self-proclaimed kingdom of Alternative Rock knew how to party, they had Starbucks coffee and, because of Boeing, they knew how to fly. The streets of downtown were draped with flags and signs bearing sincere requests for God to bless America. This was not going to be a party though. It would be instead a moment of monumental reflection.

The sun was coming up on the anniversary of when the Swarm of evil was set free, ten years since Allah went to war with God. The sun was now perfectly horizontal with the famous needle, the attraction that caught the eye of residents and tourists from around the world, almost more than anything else in the city.

Ninety-three seconds

President Barack Obama remembered how he had gotten to this point, at the pinnacle of power. He had known it would be. He had been sure that he could shed the conscience that his so-called faith had produced in his heart. Obama had not been a fake. He had not so much hidden his intents as much as he had shrouded it in his own personal cult that made the people believe he just knew better than they. The people were not the wiser about what would befall them. Now, he would not fail.

Fifty-four seconds

Union Station was full of greeters and travelers in Chicago and the residents of Seattle were gathering at the city center to remember the day.

Seventeen seconds

The Seattle symphony Orchestra had begun to assemble for the ceremony to commemorate 9-11.

Twelve seconds

In Chicago, the Jane Rutledge arrived at gate eighteen. The Milwaukee Road was paused in position. The officially dressed man in the Porter’s suit ran out of his room and into the engine chamber. He held a knife in his hand. He knocked on the door and the conductor looked at him through a bulletproof window. He saw the uniform and opened the door. Immediately, the white, skin-headed man plunged the knife into the conductor’s chest and then sliced his throat open. He forced the throttle forward and the parked train lunged forward with a huge force. His hands were shaking and he was sweating into his own eyes. The passengers were thrust to the floor and screaming.

Six Seconds

The train took off and increased speed rapidly. The three trains had to converge under the Sears tower in six seconds.

Two seconds

The Great Lakes train pulled up slowly to gate 16. The Milwaukee Road reached the gate at a high rate of speed and ploughed through the gate and into the waiting area. People were frantically trying to get out of the path of the runaway train. Dozens were crushed.

One second, Detonation!

Each of the suicide bombers took injections themselves and were dead seconds before the blasts. Then the blasts heard around the world woke up the living, and killed them.

Simultaneously, three tactical nuclear bombs exploded. The three blasts were controlled by a signal that set them all off at once. The underground blast had exposed the city’s failure to protect its people from the evil that was unleashed. Scalded, seething skeletons walked a few steps, collapsed and disintegrated. Half-burned bodies turned to powder were everywhere. Several cries for help could be heard, but nobody came. Darkness took over the station and the rumble below worked its way upward above ground. There was nothing left alive and nothing would have wanted to be.

The sound was like that of a mountain rising up and trying to walk and crashing back down to the ground. The world above the station felt the ground beneath them shift and then give way, plunging thousands into the all-consuming fireball rising up out of the Earth like an irate cauldron, full of death and destruction. Then, like a super-charged sphere of molten lava, a ball of fire rose up and incinerated the trains and burst out of the underground station shaking all the windows out of the Sears Tower before the massive structure exploded, imploded, and tumbled to the ground with as many as 60,000 victims inside. The buildings all around the Sears Tower were stripped bare of windows and became bare metal structures. Groans emanated; a sound like cries wailing from the massive steel beams that held the Sears Tower together screamed out from the buckling, melted metal structure just before it all gave way. The locations of the detonation had blown the Sears Tower’s foundation away. Then, almost like a second blast, the whole foundation of the tower sunk into the ground causing the structure to cascade down with lightning speed. The whole of Union Station was no more. Huge slabs of marble came down upon the already incinerated bodies below. Like one plate stacked upon another, the station was flattened.
Just after the blast erupted in Chicago, a woman standing in front of the Seattle Needle had been spotted. Her dark skin and gorgeous face took everyone’s attention off of the death today that was about to be unleashed from inside the bag in her hand. She took a disk out of the bag and placed her finger on the detonator. Instantly, police surrounded her. Her upset face and nervousness looked too different than all the other commemorators who were thankful to be alive and well in the world gone mad.

One smart officer had his eyes squarely focused on the distressed, beautiful dark-haired woman. All the instincts that the officer had used and learned in these days of fire and death from the air and what he had just been told about Chicago made him take charge of the situation. “All Units! I have a Signal 7, your 20 north side of the Needle! Engage! Engage!”

World War III

The officer screamed at the young woman and she never even looked back in response. Her mind was not her and she no longer possessed the ability to question or refuse.

“Place the bag on the ground!”
“Kill her! Shoot her!” The crowd screamed.
“Place it on the ground, now!”

The woman squatted down and pressed down on the death button. The officer closest to her saw her pressing down on the detonator. He could not kill her because she would release the button and would detonate the device. Hundreds of bystanders started shaking and falling to the ground in seizures even before the blast as their terror-saturated minds failed made the appearance of terror spread across all their faces.

President Barack Hussein Obama watched the whole thing on television with a piece of sweet potato pie in his hand. The rage and fear did not affect him, but the pie was great. Yet, power and destruction were his bread and butter, his own creation and his crescendo of madness. Concerning these sacrifices, he did not care if they called the Master by the name of Satan, White Supremacy or Allah. They all served the same one, the Serpent, the Defiler, the one who had just made the Earth to tremble. Obama watched, but the rage it produced in him had a much different reaction on him. It filled his wrath with a thirst for power and to take back that which was ripped away from the master when God had created the first man

The millions of years that had past had not reduced Obama’s Master’s determination to take back his kingdom. The millions of years that the Master and his Watchers had ruled on the Earth made the mere thousands of years, since it had all been ripped away from them worth the wait. Waiting had been of no concern to him. From the time that Adam had been created and Eve had disobeyed her Creator and had given her husband a bite to eat, the Prince of the morning had begun to set it all in motion.
“Everybody run! Get out of here! Go! Go! Go!”

The spectators ran in a futile effort to get out of range of the coming blast. Though there had been thousands of suicide bombings and chemical attacks that had been used to drive the population mad and which had culminated in the infestation rage, there had not been any major attacks like that of 9-11 since 2001. Now, this evil-controlled woman held her finger on a button that could make the original attacks in New York City on September 11, 2001 dwarf in comparison to its sequel. News of the utter human disaster that had taken place in Chicago had just reached the police at the center, but not to the Seattle residents gathered for the time of reflection. The woman holding the bag looked at the officer and a wide smile stretched across her face, while a blood-curdling cry wretched out of her throat.

“Infidels!” She screamed and then laughed loudly. “Allah Wakbar!”

The woman released the detonator and an instantaneous evil deadly force was released from a pit, a sound like the cracking of the Earth’s core rang out as the blast released a wail and a roar that sounded as if the planet had cracked in two. Though the bomb she had detonated was small and tactical, every living thing in a ten-block radius was instantly incinerated into vapor. The fireball covered the entire city center with a bomb that, only a moment before had fit into a paper bag and which packed three times more power than Hiroshima or Nagasaki had endured. There was only a small mushroom cloud because tactical nukes were made to implode with great force that kept the fallout in the blast zone, more of an implosion than an explosion. America’s own technology had been used against her. The Needle fell like match sticks. The sparkling, patriotic city in the state named after the father of the nation was turned into a garden of charred and twisted steel beams and a barren wasteland with flaming bodies running and looking for a place to fall and die.

The radio at Camp Escape crackled and blared. “Is anyone alive? Is there anybody there? Is there anybody out there, at all?” There was only a deafening sound of silence because no one was left to respond…

Does this frightening scenario described here give you a feeling of a bright future described by this usurping and false Messiah that the world has taken to their bosom with hopes of a better future. In fact, it is easy to say that this picture that I have painted is the surest result of what a leader like Barack Hussein Obama will provide for the greatest nation in the history of the world. Will the American people listen to Obama’s bogus promises and swallow his poisoned pill of happiness that is, in reality, shrouded in darkness and deceit.

The pursuit I am on, that which drives me is an all-consuming need of revealing the danger of refusing to fear God and our ease with which the American people have swallowed Obama’s lies. God has been certainly patient with the world, and I feel the need to show what the total loss of faith in the world will hold for the future of America. Your decision will determine whether this nation shall continue into unforeseen future or rush us all into a premature grave that will have been prepared by Barack Hussein Obama.

This is a dramatization of what America is facing with an impending President Barack Hussein Obama Administration. This story is frightening, but the idea that it is not fiction, but a true depiction of what is in store for America makes it horrific for the country we love. On November 4th 2008, before you pull that lever, ask yourself who will protect your children, who will protect your retirement, who will truly make sure that America remains safe. You will find, if you listen to your heart, that a vote for Barck Husssein Obama is a vote for tyrany and loss of freedom. It is your country. Keep her free! - Author Steven Clark Bradley

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