WELCOME TO THE CONTROVERSY! "This nation cannot be overthrown by battle. It would never allow itself to be. America can only be overthrown by removing its reason for greatness, its exceptionalism and existence as a force for world influence for good and freedom. The driving purpose that led our brothers and sisters to shed their blood for a new country and which drove a people and a President to hold fast to the premise that the nation could not be divided into two in the bloody civil war. Our vision of defeating evil, which gives our men and women in the military valor and a willingness to sacrifice in each of our American centuries, has been freedom. The greatest force for freedom has always been the Constitution of the United States. Now, this government, of the people disregards the people. Now these rights, for the people, seem to have been invalidated by a force that has no constitutional right to do so." - Author Steven Clark Bradley

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Could It Be So...? Obama - What You Need To Know

America, I am talking with you. I have so much appreciated all of you who have found my writing as a realistic look at just beyond our world. I know there are those who seriously misunderstand what my writings signify for we are closer to a dark and fatal future than this current age has ever seen. There seems to be a rash of evil running roughshod over the face of the Earth. In our busy rush to not only do better than the other guy, we now feel it is preferable to destroy them in the process, so not to be troubled by them again.

As it has been expressed to me, we are indeed living in strange times. These are days of partition. Like no other time shall ever have ordered the world, as much as this current time shall, this age was the last of its kind. Some think that they shall disappear, but they shall not…not yet. These were days that would go beyond the covering and would peer right down into men’s and women’s hearts. It will easily reveal that World War III will not be a war of guns, but of ideology, of values, of a way of life and thought that was, always evolving, but seemed to hurling downward toward another dark age, which shall rendered the impression of the first one as much brighter time. This is a global confrontation that is now about to take the greatest leap into the time that will cause great hardship, world-wide calamity, the likes of which has never been contemplated. A greater one than us has not attacked us, but has exercised such forgiveness and patience for a world that has progressively forgotten that without the hand of God in our lives and our country, we are nothing but educated animals.

All that has happened and which is now festering and swarming will render this nation into something that it has never been before. If elected, Obama will be the last President of the United States. As he has proclaimed with his own perfectly honed voice, he will change the world. Giving Obama the White House is not so much a transformation as it is a deformation of the nation. His politics will takes the nation perilously close to the precipice of the loss of our very freedom. This nation, in its current form shall not endure him, for the view of the world, the list of right and wrongs, and the last ounce of unity shall be consumed, and we shall surly be no more, if we walk down this road.

Obama represents someone who will change the world forever. I find it so incredible how this man appeared on the scene. Don't you feel the same way? He seems to have been measured for the trappings without possessing any of the reasons why America was formed. Is it possible he was preferred by something bigger than us, to change the world in such a diabolical manner that will surpass anything we have ever seen, to turn the world headlong toward the hand of evil.

The Finance crisis is taking the world into such a deep crisis that the powers that be will not be the ones that shall be. It seems perfectly timed and lead world tyrants to decide, all "For our wellbeing," to come together with a single currency and to make laws that will allow one part of the world to control another, since the world is so intertwined.

The bailout was just the compassing power of the government to use its self-proclaimed wisdom to previously and illegally purchase AIG and leaving the stockholders of Lehman's Brothers to flap in the winds of adversity. The government now owns the entire market system. It also now owns the mortgage system, since it stated in the new law that the government could reset, not only the length of mortgages, but can now also reset values according to what benefits the barrower. That has effectively removed the right to property and free market value. The government now states it will buy ownership stock in US banks, which is only political newspeak for nationalizing the Banking system. Now, even McCain wants to buy bad mortgages and resale them?

With a President Obama, the government will also own the nations medical system, which will give them the right to decide who receives care and who does not. Under Obama’s program, the Federal Government will take control of the serious cases, which will therefore give them the right to determine who merits public expenditures for the most profoundly ill. These things alone will destroy all confidence in the United States. Is there no limit to how much the government evades, ignores, betrays or destroys the constitution before it is rendered a mere relic? It is evident that this society past that point ages ago. All these attacks on freedom were not attacks from abroad or from God, for that matter. God has simply let us destroy ourselves. So, after we have sufficiently killed the Earth, then God will intervene, when The Almighty raises His hand in judgment.

We all know what each of us is capable of. The world, in which we live today, only naturally breeds our inclination to forget that every person has a certain responsibility to acknowledge that there is someone bigger than ourselves, a feeling of power which produced the out of control greed and avarice which produced our current financial emergency and which cannot be satiated in a world without faith. Behold the dishonesty, the lack of conscience, the finger of Man shoved high into the face of God, declaring to Him, "We no longer need You!" We have simply, through lack of the Fear of God, decided to build a world that excluded the One who had protected America since her inception, only to finally find ourselves lost and fearful and out of the protective hand of God.

So, as the direct result and used as a catalyst, we will see a one world currency and a shrinking of the world into a single political system that will be massive like a beast and ruled by one. I have such a sadness to see this great nation draw so far away from truth and drift so precariously to the same evil ideas that have sent every great nation into the ashes of history. It is all a bit scary and gives one a sobering feeling that things are as they were allowed to be. America, I’m talking to you. Get ready for a wild ride.

Steven Clark Bradley

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Barack Obama: What You Need to Know

Dear Conservative Friend,

They say the truth hurts. In Barack Obama's case, it is simply devastating.

Not surprisingly the Big Media have kept the American public blind to the truth about Obama, including...

  • The fact that a corrupt Chicago Machine politician "made a U.S. senator" out of Barack Obama
  • How Barack Obama won his first election by having his lawyers knock all his opponents off the ballot on technicalities
  • Obama's support for a grotesque "infanticide" law that was too extreme even for Nancy Pelosi
  • The Tony Rezko connection: "I've never done any favors for him," says Obama about convicted developer Tony Rezko. Oh, but he has...

We at HUMAN EVENTS are set to embark on a massive truth-telling mission to unmask the real Barack Obama. And just like in 2004 when concerned Americans exploded John Kerry's presidential aspirations by helping the Swift Boat Veterans get out the truth about him. . .

We're going to stop the Obama campaign juggernaut dead in its tracks!

Just wait until Americans read the special editorial supplement produced (together with our sister company, RedState.com) by our HUMAN EVENTS team called "The Truth about Obama: What Every Citizen Needs to Know".

You see, while the Obama campaign is dying to keep the skeletons in Obama's closet hidden for just three more months, we plan to tell the truth to the American public before November.

Sadly, money talks when it comes to reporting the truth today. And we at HUMAN EVENTS have barely enough to stay afloat in today's difficult economy -- a situation I'm sure you can appreciate.

In addition, HUMAN EVENTS just bore the cost of including this special supplement into the 5,000 issues of HUMAN EVENTS we distributed at the Republican National Convention.

With the money we do have left, we vow to expose the dangerous liberalism of Barack Obama in the pages of HUMAN EVENTS every week and on our website HumanEvents.com every day.

But we need your help, my friend, to cover the costs of printing and delivering boxes of our special editorial supplement, "The Truth about Obama: What Every Citizen Needs to Know" to activist conservative students on college campuses and to selected media outlets across the country.

Why college campuses and media outlets? Simple...

Young voters -- including our own children and grandchildren -- are today being indoctrinated by biased liberal "educators" who distort the truth about terrorism, the reason for the energy crisis, spending, education and Barack Obama.

Our friends at key conservative organizations are providing us with the names and addresses of the conservative student leaders who are fighting on the front lines this election year.

By sending "The Truth about Obama" to conservative student leaders at every college campus in America, we're arming young conservatives with the facts about Barack Obama that they need to know.

And just as it's our responsibility to ensure that America's young voters know the straight facts about Obama, so too with the American public.

That's why we're sending "The Truth about Obama" to major media outlets across the country. Because we simply cannot let the Big Media from New York, Washington, Los Angeles and other large cities continue to have their way, covering up the truth about Obama, the man who repeatedly promises "change" but will give us the same old liberal policies that have failed for 40+ years.

As our loyal friend, you know that HUMAN EVENTS has been the stalwart defender of conservative principles and traditional values since 1944 -- longer than any other newsweekly.

Help us spread the conservative message even further by making it possible for us to deliver the report to every college campus and every media outlet in America as soon as possible.

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To express our gratitude for your donation of just $50 or more, we'll send you a complimentary copy of David Fredosso's brand-new New York Times bestseller, The Case Against Barack Obama: The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media's Favorite Candidate. Freddoso's comprehensive book serves to remove, once and for all, the halo from a man with fewer qualifications, and a more radical agenda, than the mainstream media lets on.

Of course, we'll send you a copy of our special report, "The Truth about Obama: What Every Citizen Needs to Know", to thank you for your contribution big or small. Any amount will be appreciated and will help "The Truth about Obama" reach more fact-hungry Americans.

These are critical times for our country. We must not allow the Big Media and liberal college campuses to succeed in placing one of the most liberal an inexperienced candidates ever in the White House.

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