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Dyan Garris Interviewed By Author Steven Clark Bradley

Recently, I had the opportunity to find out more about Dyan Garris and Voice of the Angels. I hope you will read my interview with her and find out how her insight can mean so much to you.
Author Steven Clark Bradley

What is entailed in the term Manifesting?

Manifesting is a co-creative process in which one aligns one’s own will with universal will as one step in the process. Manifesting is not the same thing as attracting, such as with the Law of Attraction. We don’t manifest with only the power of our minds, positive thinking, and goal setting. We can certainly attract that way, but that is not manifesting.

Is it a skill to be developed or is it an ability that only some are born with?

Anyone can learn to manifest. It isn’t difficult. It doesn’t take years and it doesn’t take endless DVD watching and seminar attending. Once you learn to open an energy flow, align your will with universal will, and begin to work co-creatively rather than from a position of what the ego thinks it wants, needs, and desires; then you are on your way to manifesting.

What is the role that angels play in the area of manifesting and self empowerment?

Communication with angels can bring about a sense of connection. We are not alone. Angels are messengers. If we really listen, we can hear those messages and allow ourselves to be guided in terms of our life purpose, rather than focusing on what it is we think we want.

What is the process of uniting the mind, body and spirit?

In order for the mind, body, and spirit team to work together effectively, we need to have a balance and we need to establish and open an energy flow. It is very helpful to understand that we are not just our minds, or our physical bodies. We are indwelling spirit in a physical body. We just forgot. Now, let’s say you have a thought in your mind of what you want to create. Let’s say you want to create money. The thought is taking place in an upper chakra – the mind chakra (sixth chakra). The energy of money resides in the base or root chakra. So, you need to establish a flow from the root to the mind. The spirit is indwelling in the middle of that flow. So, to get everything to work together nicely, you can’t just skip over that part. You have to bring what you’re trying to create with the root and what you’re trying to create with the mind together into alignment with your spiritual purpose or universal will. That means that you don’t just demand that things show up a certain way just because that’s what you desire. You have to be willing to co-create and align.

What do you mean by using the power of music to unblock energy to stimulate healing?

Music works on the emotional, feeling levels rather than the linear, thinking levels. When we’re talking about blockages in the energy field, we need to find a way to unblock those on the levels at which they exist; and those are at a feeling level or an etheric level, rather than a thinking level. Music can help to open the and clear the energy field because we experience it on a vibrational level. Certain notes and tones correspond with certain chakras in the energy field. When the energy field is clear and the chatter of the conscious thinking part of the mind is quiet, we have opportunity for healing and balance.

Concerning meditation, what is it about meditation that causes the mind and body to respond in such a positive manner?

Basically, and without a lot of scientific mumbo-jumbo, meditation allows a person to remember and experience connection on a very universal level. At the same time, they are also experiencing connection and reconnection with the self. During meditation there is opportunity for all parts of oneself to come together simultaneously.

Does organized religion and belief systems restrict manifesting and self empowerment or does it encourage these abilities?

Any belief system or religion that is fear based does present a barrier to moving forward on the path. This is not to say that we should eliminate organized religion and/or our fundamental belief systems. We need them as a foundation. However, in order to be truly empowered, which includes remembering and embracing our divine right to create, we do need to expand our concepts. For example, different religions have different concepts of God. God didn’t separate people. The people separated themselves. Now, some of those concepts view God as a punishing God. In truth God is love. We cannot be empowered if we live in fear. Fear and love cannot exist in the same place at the same time. We have to choose one. If someone’s religious beliefs tell them that money is evil or the pursuit of money is evil then, yes, that could be restrictive. If we expand a bit, we can come to understand that money, which is pieces of paper, is simply a means of energy exchange and that exchange could just as easily be pieces of lint or rocks, or blades of grass. There just isn’t anything evil about fair exchange of energy. Now, it’s when we believe that the pieces of paper, the lint, the rocks or whatever, have true power that the trouble begins. The power of these things is fueled by our own perceptions. And God – insert your concept of God here - wants us to understand where the true power is.
The power is in the love.

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Al Diaz said...


Great interview and insights!
Couple of powerful statements:
"Any belief system or religion that is fear based does present a barrier to moving forward on the path." & "in order to be truly empowered, which includes remembering and embracing our divine right to create,"

Ilumine Ao,
Al Diaz